3 things we learned about Yassify

Written by By S and H Staffers for CNN

With its snarky awareness of contemporary American life, “YassifyBot” is a viral sensation.

It’s a bear with dreadlocks and a bad Tinder pick-up line that’s the subject of a Facebook campaign designed to show the dating app’s potential new users what it’s like to be yassified.

But how does yassify (i.e. to ‘assify’) explain itself? CNN has the answer to you.

1 / 5 – What is it?

Yassify is the newly released horror movie of 2019, a 70-minute horror-comedy about the modern battle between beauty and android oppression. With the likes of Chris Evans, Cara Delevingne and Robin Wright among its cast members, “Yassify” is a sequel of sorts to “Scary Movie,” — where nerds vs. bots were but a minor factor in the story. The film was directed by Osgood Perkins, who wrote the screenplay alongside Napoleon Weber, Matt Pizzolo and Evan Patricof. Credit: Courtesy Tigerlily Productions

When “yassify” started trending this week, people everywhere were wondering: how is this possible? Here’s how it really works.

Yassify can post status updates. You can comment below and we’ll ask.

Yes, the message is live! But here’s the truth: Thanks to YassifyBot, it can be both live and liveblogged (fun feature)!

Viral celeb? #YassifyBot pic.twitter.com/OM1NAiF2lf — Janine (@JanineSickle) February 28, 2019

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