7 crazy retreats with bunk beds, rooftop baths and ceiling fans

Written by By Sandra Machado, CNN

“Welcome to Ferderpussy, the ‘Stan Teardrop’ Retreat. I don’t know about you, but I’m high as a kite and loving every minute of it.”

CNN has taken a look at some of the most unusual — and hippie — retreats of recent years. From bohemian-inspired workshops led by saints to an opium den dating back to World War II, there’s no shortage of space for you to relax and kick back.

Here are some of the most beguiling retreats in recent years:


This “epic” retreat takes psychedelic mushrooms as well as herbal and psychedelic tea from the hills around Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Meant to stimulate “latent energy, excitement, romantic connection and otherworldly contact, a chemical cocktail devised by the Caledonian Pharmacy Company, (this) was scientifically tested in 1873,” according to owner Chris Farrell, founder of the Hard Times Poppy Plant Company.

“Ferderpussy” is open to the public on January and February, and offers deep-meditation yoga, the ultimate “icebreaker,” and offers accommodation from $250 (a little more than $300) a night. “Real junkies” are welcome to stay in the upmarket “Oldhaty Reserve”, which has accommodations from $475 (roughly $525) a night. For tickets, go to ferderpussy.com.

St Jesus Sutter Retreat

In addition to the “purity” of the “herb bath,” St Jesus Sutter Retreat, a website selling the body “cleanse” merchandise, claims to offer meditation and aromatherapy therapy.

Exclusive spiritual retreats range from $225 to $225, and seats at the bedside teas cost $55 per cup. With appearances by the Dalai Lama and a reported exorcism, you can get a glimpse of the spiritual side of Sardinia without being exiled.

Raw Talents Retreat

“Growing up in India, I was always close to a natural detoxification process of the herbal tea … But I’m a bit of a classicist … so my break from this all began when I was given a book called Cannibal” by the former director of the Spelman College Institute of Rural Development.

Raw Talents is an “edgy” retreat in the woods near Charlottesville, Virginia, for “people who want to be creative,” says property manager Sam Good. It provides herbal treatments, yoga and then a “spiritual spring clean.” In the past three years, the property claims its guest numbers increased by 1,200%.

Diamonique Delinquent

Located near the Riviera Maya resort city of Playa del Carmen, Diamonique Delinquent offers legal cannabis experiences, including joint coloring and an optional “honey pot” of cannabis mixed with powdered milk. It also claims to have hosted 26 trips, and is said to have helped hundreds of people feel a sense of well-being.

Not strictly a retreat, but another welcoming all-inclusive guest house near the country’s capital city, the Beatty Retreat promises “a village” vibe, “guests who are hippies without the hippies,” and a “unique town and country setting.” It also offers a relaxing water massage.

Gooboo Retreat

A boutique hotel located near London’s Heathrow Airport, Gooboo has designed a no-nonsense retreat for a “wellness demographic.” As well as aromatherapy treatments and yoga, guests can choose from traditional yoga sessions, Pilates and ballet classes, or booking an aromatherapy “theatre experience,” which takes place in a “chaise longue” that can seat up to seven people.

Opened in 2017, it promises to “accelerate spiritual, physical and emotional renewal.”

Iron Rock

“In one sense, Iron Rock is a beautiful hotel but more importantly it’s a medium to bring you into a lifelong mindfulness journey,” according to website founder Lorrie Hooper.

The retreat offers sensory “psychedelic journeys,” drinking herbal tea, having a Tarot reading or a drum circle, but also looking at spiritual rebirth and meditation, aromatherapy and chanting.

The 125-acre property, near the spiritual center of the Warrior’s Heart Network, has accommodation, and on weekdays including Thursday it promises an ashram experience.

“A centre of ‘re-imagination’ where we seek to create awareness of the ‘unknown’s and ‘beings unknown’…” according to the website.

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