Today’s leading new digital video platform! Happy Birthday, Priyanka Chopra!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are in love. And as a Modern Family fan and someone who married at 27, to say they’re adorable isn’t like saying you like cookies. It’s not even like a shoutout to the fact that, as one of their publicist friends tells me, “you can’t say they’re attractive unless you’re very, very fussy.” No, a Priyanka Chopra birthday is a time to publicly celebrate her birthday and send the girl of the hour love.

And you know how you find the love of your life at this point in your life? You start to learn how to use this delectable app. The one that launched today and taps into a ton of obvious trends—they’re basically the Snapchat for art, fashion, and food. I mean, real-life parents describe some of those ideals.

The Olay brand debuted a digital content platform Monday, which brings to life its skin-care app and makes it easy for consumers to take advantage of Olay’s glossed-out giving back. For every view, each brand ambassador will donate $1 to Project Child—they even dropped to $1.01 because it’s such a boring word—to provide children with basic necessities (preferably good, care-free teeth).

After watching today’s launch video, which encourages you to share your mushy emotions on social media and become a model for the brand’s #OlayGirls campaign, I had to go reach out to Chopra via email and ask her about the sharing that Olay stresses in its campaign.

I too am a sucker for filters (by the way, I’m a #Milennials, The Style Network), but when a digital platform introduced me to a neat, thoughtful app I needed to try, I had to share. And guess what? It was totally worth it. And if I start using it for my wedding, I’ll be sharing a lot, too. I also invested in a big splashy diamond necklace the other day for a real reason—it’s affordable for Anna Duggar, it’s smart for Priyanka, and, more importantly, it’s a brand I feel genuinely good about using, anyway. So I never have to think about whether I’m using products from a reputable source, either.

So what did you think of Olay’s announcement? Tell me by @mspriyankachopra, @MamaAnnaDuggar.

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