Jana Kramer got all the help she needed to cook a Thanksgiving turkey: She got it from family

Jana Kramer may have been left alone with her Thanksgiving turkey, but she didn’t need all the help there was from family. Instead, Kramer said her dad cooked hers.

“I’m done cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family, I’m done with trying to do that,” Kramer told Entertainment Tonight on Monday. “It was fun, but I’m also at a point where my heart hurts to sit around a table and talk about family, and, also, I’m left with a part of me without my children.”

Kramer and actor Mike Caussin, a childhood friend, got married in September 2014. Less than a year later, Kramer was pregnant with their first child, Jolie Rae Caussin.

“We were very young,” Kramer said. “I was pregnant when we were married. You put your life on hold. We started spending more time with our child and not necessarily with one another.”

When Caussin cheated on Kramer two years ago, she filed for divorce. Then a month ago, Kramer and Caussin reconciled. Then he cheated again, the pop star said.

Now, Kramer is apparently “still healing and figuring out my life and stuff.”

“I’m figuring out my life. And I’m doing that on my own. I don’t feel lost,” she told ET. “I feel great about myself. I feel like I’m doing what I need to do right now. I feel good about the next phase of my life.”

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