Daily reading: NEM, Ariana Grande’s glass eyes and Mike Sargent

Images: Harry Dayes

Many people are suffering from nocturnal eye movement (NEM), an eye condition that usually only affects younger people in younger age groups.

However, music legend Bryan Adams has been confirmed as the latest celebrity to have an eye condition that leaves his eyes in perpetual darkness.

The 68-year-old Scottish rocker revealed that he also suffers from COVID (Cooper Eye Defect Syndrome), a long-term condition that sees his eyes constantly moving during sleep – a condition that is associated with early onset cataracts and implies that an eye disorder is present at birth.

Lipstick singer Ariana Grande also suffers from NEM. PHOTO: HOLA & AKIRA

Bryan revealed on his Instagram account on Wednesday that the condition is a result of him having had cataracts removed at age 21.

COVID is a documented medical condition that affects one in 20,000 newborn babies.

In its most severe forms, the condition causes dark spots on the iris, the centre of the eye, or in the socket as Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson, 58, previously said she suffered after having an operation to remove cataracts.

It was originally thought to be linked to childhood allergies and is made worse by overactive nerve endings.

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