The Von Trapps: A look at Holly Hilton’s reality show as a married couple now separated

Instead of pumpkin pie, Holly Hilton was served “porridge” thanks to her husband Dennis and the effort he put into laying out a Thanksgiving dinner for their family. Though the two are now separated, the relationship is being documented on a new reality show for G4.

“My future husband had another intention for Thanksgiving night: to not have dinner with our family, but rather have a Thanksgiving feast prepared by his friends – the Von Trapps,” Hilton explains in the teaser for the show, called Their Thanksgiving.

The Von Trapps are “a very small conservative Lutheran church group that would become my parents’ friends when I was a teenager,” Hilton explains. “For a long time, I thought they were my family, and all of my friends were Von Trapps. That’s the origin of the whole show. They married, and were always our family.”

The show will show the couple’s 20 years of marriage, as well as how Dennis and Holly got to that point.

“This show takes place in the middle of a divorce,” Hilton says in the trailer. “We had this big argument that ended in a fight in public. That ended our relationship. Now, we are divorced, and our kids are both adults, so we are going to shoot a reality show about Thanksgiving.”

Their Thanksgiving is set to air on G4 in January.

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