Your small business year in pictures 2018

Tech entrepreneur and death defying selfie take from the dawn of the smartphone era Elizabeth Holmes has admitted she is not a good leader and was “ambitious” in spite of faulty stock options. But says she was a “believer” in AI.

Victory over cancer in much wider usage

Helicopter news technology used at home to monitor bird flu and mosquito population In a landmark step, researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland have unveiled a low-cost bird flu and mosquito management robot.

Pilotless cars will be here before you know it

A not-quite-autonomous car capable of creating its own means of travel that takes into account weather and traffic

Zooca robots really are bringing babies home safely The robot-like machines at zoos in Switzerland and the Netherlands are programmed to recognise certain movements, and to alert keepers when babies are in danger.

GIFS of the week

Actor comedian Jon Hamm is pushing back against President Trump’s assertion that The President is doing “great” and “good” after the shooting in Las Vegas.

Google has said a successful autonomous search machine is possible in the near future

Eric Schmidt’s statement is in line with the main thrust of recent research into self-driving cars, but some AI experts are dismissive of the study as flawed

Survey finds that some families value good toys over technology

Furniture retailer West Elm put out a survey in the US showing that three-quarters of those surveyed said they would rather have a good gift than a gadget

British firms have more to fear from AI than US firms

The contrast in approaches shows the responsibility is in the power balance between nations, experts say

Cyber is the new black

An increasing number of messages being accessed via computers instead of by phone

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