An edible, delicious ‘lounge chair’ could be the solution to a long-running problem in Japan

A designer has created a toothless alternative to Nanashijo’s iconic animated cartoon loincloth, and believe it or not it could potentially save the endangered, loincloth-clad deer of Nara, Japan. Designer Sado Imamura created a “sushi bag” with “living” edible chicken emojis inside to keep the soggy mammals cosy as winter quickly approaches.

While the bag, which stays better than ten years without being cleaned, is “soothing and comforting,” the inspiration behind it came out of necessity. Since it was introduced in 2010, the loincloth has become so popular that Kinshuku Hidai, the municipality in which the town of Nara is located, have decided to invest up to $40,000 in a park in the center of town to protect the unsightly, yet very popular, accessories from nibbling nature.

If the soy sauce-lined plastic Bag of the Lord continues to prove successful, and if the noodles are any indication, the famed nance-saga of the loincloth will probably be replaced by Japanese noodles: Caviar noodle, anyone?

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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