Tips for Finding Your Best Job

What your career looks like and where you fit in can be all the motivation you need to be motivated. But, it’s essential to remember that your goal for your career is your own process.

Work hard to build and sustain momentum within your company. Pursue every opportunity that comes your way—in whatever capacity you can, short or long-term. Manage your career “on your terms” — hire your own co-workers and introduce them to your skills; work closely with your managers and colleagues. Or, pick up an acting or a voice-over gig, a part in a commercial, or take a summer fellowship to gain business skills that will be highly valued in your future — the possibilities are limitless.

But, make it your goal to pay full attention to the rhythm and purpose of your career: with objectives that are important and measurable. Set daily goals that will cause your career momentum to improve, build, and be something you’re passionate about, something that energizes you and contributes to your quality of life. Focusing on the process instead of the results is easier to grasp than ever before in this age of focus and ease.

Consider reflecting on your career purpose to find your job’s unique mission, saying “yes” to a better place in life. Then, make sure to take action. Become self-aware and refine your skills and actions accordingly.

What are your personal strategies for finding your niche?

Career coaching isn’t one size fits all. But, it is absolutely the route to success.

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