Tips And Tricks On How To Make Your Pedicure An Investment!

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On the first day of Spring, we’re entering into the nail season, when we wear whatever we please…after all our nails happen to be a valuable investment that lasts the rest of our lives. If that sounds like a decent financial plan, why not make your pedicure an investment too? Check out our tips and tricks:

Host Kira Kosarin is joined by Frank Adler and Kay Maibach from Manhattan Neapolitan Chocolates, and former Congresswoman Kathy Castor from Florida’s Fourth Congressional District to talk about their latest product venture.

Lorrie Barkemeyer and Josette Cleary discuss the partnership between Stella Artois and “Pushed Envelope” a youth mentoring nonprofit that transforms the lives of teens in underserved communities.

Dr. Cherie Herr and Bruce Comer from Mohawk Orthodontics discuss their partnership with Walgreens to find families that are eligible for a free dental exam, tooth sealing and a free chair, in exchange for a donation.

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