The greatest Thanksgiving tweets from 2018

Written by By Cari Scribner, CNN

Thanksgiving 2015.

Decades before viewers met serial murderer Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman for the first time in the critically acclaimed drug lord biopic “Mudbound,” the drug lord came to life in one of several graphic fashion during that year’s Thanksgivings.

When actor Josh Brolin opens his fridge to discover a mask of the notorious drug lord, he then displays a million dollars in cash.

Actor Josh Brolin, right, plays real-life drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman during an opening scene for the film “Mudbound.” Credit: Kristy Sparow/Netflix

And the most iconic is the shot of Sofia Vergara in a red shirt and jacket with the caption: “Bought #Españolos freedom on Thanksgiving, 2009 #nos #espiritlos.”

The actress joined forces with the Spanish acronym from Latin America for those unable to speak English.

To prove how far the border and the second longest continuous border in the world has fallen — or to find yourself blaming President Donald Trump for America’s newest lost lingo — check out some of the most memorable messages that came via social media over the last five Thanksgivings.

Artsy: Actress Julianne Moore credits Santa at JFK airport for clearing up airplane confusion. Credit: Jason Redmond/AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Warm greetings: Celebs shared thankful messages during the recent video game Super Mario Odyssey launch. Credit: Jesko Van Den Bossche/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Out of the four parts in the “Harry Potter” saga, the most familiar to contemporary audiences, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” premiered at the New York Stock Exchange.

“I wrote into the financial companies: ‘Thank you so much for the movie. It’s opened my eyes to one of the areas where we should invest in the future.’ Most people didn’t want that!” said Steve Yoakam, who created the Chocolate Frogs with special committee

Speaking of delicious dessert, Hugh Grant, the Aussie actor who famously played Mr. Greenaway in “The Lion King,” tweeted to his 7.3 million followers about how grateful he was that he would be able to eat a chocolate frog for Thanksgiving.

He was kidding, but in the spirit of the holiday, he was also also appreciative.

Super Mario Bros.: Your first post-holiday favorite video game is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Credit: Charles Ommanney/iStock / CC BY-SA 2.0

The best part about Thanksgiving? It’s not only the food, football and long hugs with families. One celebrity chef is feeling thankful to travel to Texas every year.

David Chang told us he sees what he calls “the real hunger” when he gets to the grocery store or is called on to make something at home.

“If someone calls you and says, ‘I need 8 turkey sandwiches. Can you make them?’” said Chang, “then they’re surprised that you can cook anything.”

Honoring October: Cardi B and Donald Glover send thank yous to all of their fans. Credit: iStock / mashable

Celebrities sent some insight into the culinary history of Thanksgiving, as well as thoughts on the upcoming holiday of thanksgiving.

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