Gee Vidy, Black Car Service That Fights Racism In The DC Area, Hosts Small Business Conference

It started with an idea for Laique, a Washington-based delivery service. After watching her work, co-founder Elisabeth Braun took to asking Calderon to run errands for her and her friends. Suddenly Calderon, who had taken many car-service services before, realized how valuable she was to Braun and her friends.

“I couldn’t stop thinking of how helpful she would be if she was part of the team and just taking care of business things for us,” Braun said. “It really sparked my interest.”

That entrepreneurial spark led Calderon to serve other restaurateurs, soon asking her if she would be interested in the idea of a car service that also serves African-American, Latino and Caribbean clients. Her no hesitation earned her the role of director of car services.

“My life changed a lot,” Calderon said. “No one ever hires me; I’m the hired driver.”

Although she took time off work and college to raise her son, Armando, she returned to the road and the responsibilities that come with it. She continues to carry the torch for every African-American woman in business today.

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