Dubai breaks ground on the world’s tallest infinity pool

The stunning towers of Dubai have been home to a number of large water parks, a place where tourists can bask in bubbles like it’s being carbon frozen. And now, there’s a new breathtaking attraction.

Dubai’s more than 30,000 residents and visitors are thrilled with the opening of the world’s tallest infinity pool. The Batha World is a pool that mirrors the city’s famous architecture.

Located just outside Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the pool stretches 7,107 feet, more than the height of an Eiffel Tower. At a depth of 19 feet, the water flows downwards to the floor of the pool at a rate of 40 million gallons a minute.

Users will have to tread water for more than 25 minutes to gain access to the pool. The water is purified every few hours and treated for health issues.

The 30 million dollar project is the work of France-based Olympic Studios and Dubai-based developer Landmark Group.

“We are proud to be Dubai’s first 360-degree pool, which requires the very best conditions to bring our concept to life,” said Bazil Mehmet, chief executive officer of Olympic Studios.

Dubai is known for its incredible lifestyle, rich culture and extravagant architecture.

“Boba World is the pinnacle of Dubai’s expanding desert recreation,” said Majed Mohammad Al Fattan, group CEO of Landmark Group.

Dubai is the world’s second-largest commercial center, after New York. It is the busiest city in the world for visitors.

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